We have built our work spaces on the Second Life platform. Second Life is the longest running, most reliable virtual world and our private region offers incredible security for business meetings of all kinds. The viewer provides VOIP styled voice communications, private instant messaging as well as private group chat and open chat. Users can share text documents, images, watch videos with colleagues and friends, and surf the Internet with team members while sharing a virtual office together.


What is Second Life? It’s an incredibly powerful platform for creative collaboration, networking and socializing with users from around the world. It’s VOIP without international call rates. It’s free unlimited text messaging. It’s used for education, business, non-profits, and individuals. Numerous universities teach online courses in Second Life. Non-profits like the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life program have raised millions of US dollars for a cure inside this virtual world. Its possibilities for productive creative ventures are nearly endless. The platform allows us to build any kind of environment at all.

Want to host your next branch meeting on the USS Enterprise? You got it. Perhaps you’d like to host a company party in Tolkien’s Rivendell? Sure! Or maybe you are based in southern California and just want to have it snow during your company Christmas party. Hold it inside Second Life and we can make that happen for you. As business professionals, we expect you’ll want more practical environments for company meetings, so we’ve set up four types of professional meeting areas to suit most any corporate, freelance, or educational purpose.


Architectural Design

We have chosen sleek, contemporary architecture for the conference areas, and classic structures for our educational facilities and private offices.

Interior Design

Every meeting area we offer is vetted by a professional interior designer to exceed the aesthetic required for the kind of business being held in that space.


Impeccable views and landscapes that change with the seasons surround the conference areas. Grounds are tastefully decorated during the holidays. The artistry of the scenery is sure to both relax and astound you.

Virtual Reality vs Video Conferencing:

A Few Comparisons

We understand that video conferences are vital tools for every business to use; however, it certainly isn’t the only tool that belongs in the corporate toolbox. Second Life adds an element of fun to remote internal meetings, employee training, and team building activities. The novel interface promotes greater involvement in remote events.

What You’ll Need to Use Our Workspaces

You’ll navigate through the virtual world using your mouse and keyboard. We provide our clients newcomer training, so you’ll be up and meeting quickly.


  • A computer meeting these specs
  • A high speed Internet connection
  • Speakers & a microphone recommended


  • A free Second Life Account
  • A free Second Life viewer
  • An Immersio Media group tag

*Please request concierge Second Life registration from us to streamline your experience for your business. It’s a complimentary service included in all our plans and will make getting started much easier.



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