Warm, light room overlooking Portland, Oregon with a view of Mt. Hood in the distance. Conversational seating and welcoming décor make this the perfect 1-on-1 meeting space. Room design has been vetted by a professional interior designer to suit the needs of therapists, life coaches, and human resource professionals.


We have seven identical private offices available for hourly and subscription rental. Each has multiple security measures in place to ensure privacy. We configure transporters prior to each appointment so that only you and your guest(s) can access the office during the reserved time slot. For additional privacy, clients and their guests can use the viewer’s private messaging or private call features for sessions.

We decorate the office for the holiday seasons. We can tailor decorations to suit your beliefs or remove them if you’d prefer not to have any during your time slot.

A bit of workspace fun: the coffee maker issues cups of coffee on click that when attached will animate your avatar to sip from the cup.

Hourly and subscription plan reservations are accepted on a first come first served basis.

  • $2.59/hour
  • Workspace 5 Plan – 5 hours use per month $10.99/month or $8.99/month when paid annually
  • Workspace 10 Plan – 10 hours per month $19.99/month or $15.99/month when paid annually


Media Tools Available

Media screens for sharing diagrams, visiting web sites, etc., can be placed in your reserved office space on request. Muzak or the genre of music you prefer can also be streamed upon request.


We can set the diplomas to display your professional credentials and licenses upon request. Poster and tabletop picture frame can display your images. Photos of certificates and/or images will need to be provided to us for this service.

Custom View/ Weather

The view can be customized to display your preferred city or landscape. Snow and rain weather conditions outside the window are available. State any view or weather preferences at the time of reservation.


Our work spaces will save you time and money and make working remotely a beautiful and entertaining experience. Want something more personalized? Talk to us about long term space leasing options – we will build to suit!

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