And We’re Off!

Although we’re still working out some minor details here and there, we are far enough along in set up to start allowing people to make reservations. We will be manually verifying all requests before confirming. If you are interested in securing a recurring time slot, get your bid in now – and if you think […]

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A Crucial Tip Before You Start

Every Second Life resident has an inventory. Your inventory is where you’ll find your outfits, landmarks, props, etc. for using in world. Even new accounts have a substantial number of items in their inventories (look at the outlined number in the image). This number will grow exponentially over years. The account I’ve been using for

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Zoom alternative VR work space conference room

Did You Know?

Most of our clients have never logged into a virtual world before. If you are among those never fear! We are experts at helping newbies navigate Second Life, and the reservation rates you pay include ongoing support, not only for scheduling and work space customization, but also to help you learn how to use the

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