Reserve this modern conference building for your next internal meeting or company party. Several lounge areas, two offices, a break room, lobby and conference area provide plenty of room to spread out into groups. Dinner ferry for celebrations. Game tables and darts for socializing with colleagues after the meeting.


The conference center is well suited to company parties, after work socializing and business meetings where teams break off into groups to work on various tasks. Unlike our other units which are enclosed rooms, the conference center is an entire building on a small islet surrounded by water and skyscrapers.

The center can accommodate up to 20 concurrent avatars. Docked outside, a dinner ferry sits ready to play host to your company's next celebration.

We require reservations be made two weeks in advance for this facility. If your event will host more than 20 people, we can arrange a larger venue for you. Larger venues are not part of our hourly or subscription plans and will incur additional charges.


  • $1.75/hr per person
  • Complimentary hour is included with our office plans


Private and Secure

The conference center is outside standard chat range, and only you and your team are given access to the center during your reserved time slot, offering you the ultimate in privacy and security.

Branding & Decorating

Conference table notepads are branded with your company's logo, as is our corporate welcome banner. We decorate the area for company parties and holidays.


Enjoy changing seasons, and - on request - rain or snow outside the conference center building. In winter, you can skate on the bay.


The conference center is a fantastic virtual location for your next company Christmas party. Enjoy falling snow and holiday lighting while ice skating on the bay to holiday music. A perfect way to help employees who are unable to travel to your real event celebrate with the team.

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